Training runs


Springs to Summit

Leaving The Springs at 0900.

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Casino to Springs

0800 hours. Casino to Springs on the race route. Get around it and sweat off those Grand Final beers. Approx 12kms, forecast fine.


5pm start – Soho to Springs

Starting at 5pm for a bit of a longer effort, from opp Hotel Soho on Davey St, up the race route to The Springs. Approx 12kms, good luck!


Neika – Wellington Falls back via Snake Plains

Sunday 8am start at 865 Huon Rd (park in the big bus stop on the right just before Neika). Pipeline Track up to Wellington Falls, then up through Potato Fields, passed the Disappearing Tarn and back down to the Pipeline through Snake Plains. Pretty epic run, probably take 2-2.5 hours all up, approx 18kms. Pack some nutrition (water available at the Falls or BYO). This run is in line with Hanny Allston's run plan this week to spend 2+ hours out on our feet running and exploring.

Starting spot on Huon Rd

TUESDAY: Soho to Hairpin

530 start on Davey St opposite Hotel Soho, follow the race route past Fern Tree to the "Hairpin" - 10km. There's a car parking spot on the left, on the bottom side of a 180' bend that then heads back up towards the Springs.


THURSDAY: Casino – Nelson Rd Hills

530 at the Cas for some Nelson Rd action - Intervals are the food your hill muscles need! Should be done in 45 minutes. Some team bonding and camaraderie is needed for this pain cave! Thank me race day. (no car drop needed)


SATURDAY: Cas to Skyline, loop

8am start at Casino to Skyline via race route - a 20 min "Tempo" (race pace effort) from Sandy Bay Rd to Skyline. Moderate to cool down home via Romily St and Sthn Outlet Underpass. 8.5kms loop - no car drop needed.


SUNDAY: Kingston Beach to Sandy Bay Sailing Club

8am start at southern end of Kingston Beach (boat ramp), via the beautiful Alumn Cliffs and Hinsby Beach/Track to Sandy Bay Sailing Club. Easy, talking pace, undulating 12kms


TUESDAY: Strickland “Infliction” up to Chalet

530pm start at the top of Strickland Ave, on Huon Rd (in the bus stop), then approx 10kms up to the Chalet.


THURSDAY: Pub to Pinnacle

Fern Tree Tavern, 530pm start, approx 12kms up to the Pinnacle. Tie a layer around your waist and try and get a warm jacket in a car at the summit - could be wet (double points). Clean shaven will help you go faster!


SATURDAY: Fast 5 (nothing set as yet)

"Run Plan" says warm up and then go for 5km hard, with a long, slow cool down for 45 mins.


SUNDAY: Collins St to Pub

8am start at 1 Collins St up to Fern Tree Tavern via Rivulet Track and Strickland Ave bends. Approx 12 kms - talking pace.


TUESDAY: Cas to Fern Tree Tav – SINGLETS

530pm start at the Casino, race route to Fern Tree Tav for singlet presso, a stout and waffle fries. Would be great to offload most of the 140 singlets on this night, I'll be at the tav from 615 for collection.


SATURDAY: 7am Casino south return

Good chance to grab your singlet if you haven't already. Just a flat easy pace heading south for 40 minutes and return (80 minutes total).


MONDAY: 530pm Strickland to Chalet

Good chance to grab your singlet and test a Strive Food Hammer Gel! Last hill effort, top of Strickland Ave (on Huon Rd) 9kms up to Chalet (the steep part).


WEDNESDAY: FINAL TEAM RUN 530pm, Casino loop 30 mins

Last chance to grab your singlets and Strive Food Hammer Gels (for locals). An easy jog, bit of team bonding, would be great to get a huge turnout for media opp